Hybrid Physiotherapy

About Us

Why Hybrid?

The term ‘Hybrid’ arises from the idea of combining both hands-on therapy and the use of state-of-the-art medical appliances. This unique approach will bring the most effective care for your problems. 

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Holistic Care

We take a whole-body approach to treatment rather than focusing on the area of pain only. This will help improve your overall functionality and whole-body wellness.

Innovative Approach

Our senior physiotherapist Sara Kim had developed a unique approach to treatment. The “Hybrid Method” involves a thorough assessment and effective hands-on techniques utilising a variety of state-of-the-art medical appliances.

Advanced Technology

Hybrid has invested in a variety of medical appliances to maximum use the effectiveness of our care. The use of such equipment is tailored to the individual’s presenting condition.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team is here
to help you get back to enjoy your life without limitations.

Principal Physiotherapist

Sara Kim

Sara is a passionate physiotherapist who provides “patient-centred care” where clients are empowered to understand their condition and are given an individualised program on how to achieve the best outcomes. She is fluent in Korean and English.


Yonseo Hwang

Yonseo brings to life the unique treatment approach of Hybrid Physiotherapy to ensure her clients are able to better manage and alleviate their pain and symptoms. She is fluent in Korean and English.


Jason Lee

With 10 years of experience under his belt, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Hybrid Physiotherapy. He works with his clients to educate as well as provide individualised treatment to achieve optimal results.

Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

Ian Koh

Ian brings 11 years of clinical experience in remedial massage and 5 years of clinical experience in myotherapy. He strives for optimal functional movement and his clients to be pain-free.

Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

Chad Jeong

Chad brings more than 15 years of experience as a Myotherapist to Hybrid Physiotherapy and works alongside our physiotherapists to provide a multidisciplinary approach in the management of chronic and acute pain.


Stephen Lyford

Over the years, Steve’s primary focus has been in the field of musculoskeletal podiatry, and in the last 15 years he has held a special interest in, and has worked extensively treating disorders that cause heel pain.

Pilates Instructor

Angelica Choi

Angelica’s interest in the human body grew from high school Biology and led her to complete her Bachelors in Exercise & Nutrition Science and Masters in Dietetics. Her background in dance, including classical ballet and oriental dance, fostered her interest in the growing art of Pilates. As Hybrid’s Pilates Instructor, Angelica works alongside our physiotherapists to provide her clients with a pathway to optimal functionality. 

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